8 Characteristics of BBCS Staff

  • Spirituality: Your walk with the Lord is the most important key in creating good home-and-school relationships. Galatians 5:22-23 lists nine evidences of a Spirit-filled life. First is LOVE!
  • Communication: Parents want to be informed of everything that affects their children.
  • Standards: Maintaining high standards of conduct, academics, and appearance as part of developing Christ-like character–both individually and to your students!
  • Control: Every good teacher is an effective disciplinarian. Let the system work while working together as a team!
  • Competence: Be a competent professional that is proficient in your subject matter, providing accurate and timely assessment evaluations, and demonstrating consistent organization.
  • A Teachable Spirit: A wise teacher will seek parents input and value their council. Finding the bond of rapport between teacher and parent can provide the teamwork and rewarding experience that Christian education was meant to be. “Every school staff member is a ‘public relations officer’ for himself and school.”
  • Humility: Gain credibility by honestly admitting mistakes and correcting them. Being humble also fosters an approachable attitude.
  • Compassion: Parents quickly sense whether the school staff are concerned for their child.

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Openings for 2023-24

HS Math Teacher (full-time)

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Openings for 2023-24

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HS Math Teacher (full-time)

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